How To Write A Satirical Essay

June 11, 2018

Satire Essay Writing Guide

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If you got an assignment to write a satirical essay, then you’re one lucky bug. Just kidding, getting any task from your all-knowing and an incredibly successful professor is a question of life and death. Failure is not an option, but if we’re being perfectly honest, it is.

If you already read the opening sentences, then you are quite serious about this work you have to do. Good job! That will help you in life, much like your university degree. Your future hangs in the balance, Gods watch over you through the magnifying glass, you seem like an ant to them, and your daily struggles entertain them like nothing else. You are their favorite character in this fictional world, they’re really interested to find out what topic you will choose and what grade you will get when it’s all said and done. This is an example of a satire.

Main Purposes of a Satire Essay Writing

The primary goal is to ridicule some event or personality and send a hidden message. Sarcasm and satire are the things can help you mock anything and make it seem like you weren’t kidding at all. Even if your wisecrack fails, and it will, then you have a shield for your image. Satire essay is supposed to be a great way to vent yourself and give people a sample of your hidden flippant side. Choosing a good topic is half of the job, here are some themes you may or may not pick from.

Possible Topics (Ideas) For a Satire Essay

Those topics are not very original, because being fresh is overrated and unnecessary. Overused issues are the best, they will work out perfectly for you and your academical performance plus they will get a lot of support from classmates who are funnier than George Carlin on Thursdays after rain. You’ve been warned!

  1. Donald Trump is The Best President Ever
  2. Is America Great Yet?
  3. How To Become Rich Legally and Quick
  4. Twitter As A Source Of Reliable News
  5. Political Integrity Is At It’s All-time High
  6. Hard Work Pays Off
  7. Why University Is Not a Waste of Time
  8. Writing A Review For The Book You Never Read
  9. How To Not Assume Someone’s Gender
  10. Lack of Gender Bias in our Society
  11. Why You Should Always Be Honest
  12. How To Laugh at Professor’s Unfunny Jokes
  13. Video Games Make Children Violent
  14. How To Get into Bitcoin
  15. How Many Photos You Should Upload To Your IG To Have A Fun Life
  16. Manual To Making Friends on Facebook
  17. How To Write Wholesome Comments On Youtube
  18. Hillary Clinton Should Have Won
  19. Getting Credits As A Superior Athlete
  20. Why You Should Be A President

How To Write Introduction For A Satire Essay

Start writing when you are in a good or at least neutral mood. You risk upsetting the readers if you go too far with your humor. Place your tongue in your cheek, that way you will get into the appropriate state of mind that will help you generate the fun bits and write a nice little text. Don’t sit for too long on this piece, ask rhetorical questions to present the topic and give yourself something to answer to later on.

You are walking a thin line when you have a sharp tongue, and like it or not, you could be punished if you are too funny. Did you ever get praise and an underwhelming grade in one package? That’s exactly the opportunity to get that one more time, as teachers don’t really mean it, they are much like women even if they’re male, they still expect a structured work and look at satire as a tool. In this part, you should address the point that will be ridiculed in a descriptive language and hook the reader up. Here’s a short example of how you should kick the essay off!

“45 is a nice number, but how it is related to our country, our beautiful America? It’s the digits that are associated with our noble Lord and Savior Donald Trump – the greatest businessman to ever step down from a reality show, the owner of a magnificent haircut and charming facial expressions. A classy individual we all would elect for another term if we were in Russia! Donald promised to build the wall and make America great again, and we’re very much looking forward to that!”

How To Write Thesis For A Satire Essay

A thesis is the last part of your introduction. You already understand that your target should be a really popular person that is unpopular in our society. It could be something else, like a political event, newly established law, some news item, everything can be ridiculed! Some say that you need to write satire in a serious manner to confuse the readers, others state that establishing a friendly atmosphere is key to producing a good satirical essay.

They don’t know what it is themselves, but they expect you to use as many hyperbolas as possible. They will be counted and your grade would equal the number of times you used them in the essay, which is a sarcasm. In this part of your paper, you need to highlight how ridiculous the topic really is, explain the purpose and fluidly transition yourself to the real talk later on.

“Being honest at all times will get you far, people would respect you more for spitting truth bombs and will appreciate your thoughts no matter how hurtful it will be for them personally. Our society is managed by individuals who put their hand on the Bible to prove they are not lying! That’s the ultimate pinky finger move that is keeping us safe from deception and mendacity of a trustworthy government, but how effective is it really?”

How To Write Body Paragraphs For A Satire Essay

In order to ridicule something successfully, you need to build an elaborate plan for executing your points. Use bullet points to shoot on something in the most efficient way. Back up your opinions with facts and stay on course when proceeding to make fun of something. Solid references will get you far, quotes and official headlines will be handy too! Topic sentences must be used here lavishly, save all the hard-hitting stuff for this section of your essay. Yes, writing a satire appears to be a very demanding and boring task. In the body paragraph, you need to explain your point over and over again to prove that you are correct.

“Donald Trump’s hard stance and iron fist were evident even in the nineties where he told Playboy the following: “I think if this country gets any kinder or gentler, it’s literally going to cease to exist.” The 45th president is making a good job of making the country angrier by his everyday behavior and endearing presence, using every platform available to him to unite people and give them things to smile about. As we can all agree, America did not cease to exist.”

Providing a context to the used quotes and explaining why the ridiculed subject got such treatment is essential, it answers a lot of raised questions and forms the base that will greet other mentioned statements to complete a body paragraph section of the essay. You need to put a couple paragraphs and add the synthesis to relate back to the thesis. Don’t forget to mention a keyword in “ridicule” to legitimize the paragraph, to make it fit into the system of acceptable satirical essays.

How To Write Conclusion For A Satire Essay

Your conclusion, or the last body paragraph, must open up with a topic sentence. Here you shouldn’t repeat your opening, but finalize your thoughts to inflict a good lasting impression on the audience. The conclusion shouldn’t be too long, but it can explain how important satire is and how much of a cultural significance it contains. Concluding your essay can be tough, take a look at another example! A clear message and a strong closure make your essay look competent and serious even with lots of satire.

“If Donald Trump wants to make America great again, then he should start working on himself. To change the world, we must begin with ourselves!”